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Discussion in 'Trading' started by guy2, Jun 9, 2005.

Would you be interested in a Trader's Reminder?

  1. Yes, I would use it.

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  2. I might use it, need to try it first.

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  3. I wouldn't use it.

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  4. There's already an applet out there that does this.

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  5. Other answer not listed.

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  1. guy2


    I'm thinking about writing a small applet which would run on the trader's computer and remind them when certain events are about to take place.

    So it would be no different from any other reminder (like Outlook for example) except that it would be pre-set for a trader and remind them X minutes/days before repeating events that are non standard and would usually require work to find out when they happen.

    For example:
    Expiry Fridays
    Fed Meetings
    Job Figures

    The trader would select the items off a list and then set the number of minutes/days before the event to be reminded.

    I'd just like to gauge if there would be a general interest in this sort of applet. (Assume that it's free and has no spyware or advertising.)
  2. Buttontrader has this built in to it. You just check the ones you want to be reminded of.
  3. guy2


    Thanks easyrider - I thought that there'd already be something out there - seems like such an obvious utility.

    I was surfing their site but couldn't find any mention of that feature. Do you have a URL that would tell us more about it?
  4. yes it 's certainly useful, but how do you get the software to incorporate all the events one may look for ( for ex. one may not onlywant to be reminded of econ.rel. but also mid Q updates, G8 meetings or Greenspan speeches etc. ) and how do you get it to update itself?
  5. Heres a screenshot if that helps. You can add whatever you want of course.

    Ensign also has what they call a scheduler where you can set up the same thing.
  6. guy2


    Very easy Kicking:
    It would update itself from a data base on the web. Trusted users would share information with the data base so the application would also update the data base on the web with new events.
    (Or all users would share information with the data base and each entry would require the approval of trusted members.)
  7. If you could tie it into an economic calender that would definitely be something interesting.
  8. guy2


    Thanks easyrider. Does it update itself automatically with events?
  9. guy2


    true lilboy and that's where i think most people get that info

    What I currently do is set audible/popup alarms to let me know 5 minutes before a significant event which allows me to flatten or better manage a position before the news event.

    I would rather have an applet that had a list of events on it that I could tick next to (like the image that easyrider posted) and be notified X minutes before the event so I don't have to trust my memory. One less thing to think about and more psych energy to focus on trading.
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