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  1. i hope the mods get rid of any posts that are pushing a get rich quick product., there is a very fine line between trading and gambling and all of those books bullshit.
    gambling is a much harder addiction to kick than drugs and the stock market can be even tougher to kick and betting in a casino. the stock market seems like a legit arena where calls are calculated and predictable so the auro of gambling escapes many. don't be folled,its worse and much more dangerous.
    who here just wants to "break even"?
    who here just wants to recover some of their losses?
    who here is telling themselves this is it,they are going to give trading one last try?
    who here is saying they are getting a loan because after all,trading is a business and most business' fail the first year?? trading is not like any other business so that thinking does is not relevant.
    who here is telling themselves they should of went with their gut,they can make it work,they just have to be more disciplines?
    who here gets a rush just before the bell rings and cannot wait until monday morning?
    who here cannot sleep at night because they cannot wait for the next trading day in order to make some of their money back>?

    you guys can flame me,call me names,bust my balls. who cares.. i hope some of you get something possitive out of this post. the market is exciting and intriguing but do not let is own you. nothing,and i mean nothing can suck you in like the stock market.
  2. if you can not make money does not mean that other people can't
  3. Bottom line is trading will change your life. For better or worse? That's the question!
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    great response and so true. only someone who has been trading a long time would understand where i am coming from.
  5. If you see such a post in the Trading forum, point it out to me and I will remove it.
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    I think it's interesting how my trading and how I see the market have changed so much over time.

    It also changes how you see other things in life. I see probability and risk in ways I never did before.
  7. What does this prove?

    Even the best traders in the world would have had these thoughts when they were starting out. Read market wizards, most of those guys lost money at the start and were pretty clueless about trading too.
  8. i agree... the opening bell is like a shot of ... something, I never had a shot of anything.

    I've heard it said that a winning trade fires the same endorphins as heroine. I didn't argue.
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    I'm still trying to figure out the real point of this thread. :confused:

    This site has too may ppl that like to cry wolf, either for themselves or on behalf of others.

    Its really getting annoying....

    No wonder I hardly post on here anymore...too many drama queens on here!!:mad:
  10. Even more important is the FACT ( and I have witnessed this personally while working for Paul Tudor Jones many years ago when he was in his infancy ) is that some of the most successful traders are able to maintain a very even emotional "keel" on BOTH their winners and losers. In fact, most of the time you cannot detect a difference. Extremely hard to do, but very significant nonetheless.
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