Traders' Paradise System Explained

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Zizou, Oct 1, 2002.

  1. x-or


    Yep, I know what you mean...

    There still is a difference between earning a little with a crappy job and losing a little (a lot ?) with a non working system.
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    Willibald, don't be fooled, Zizou and THEEE_MAN are the same. What do you think TBA? :D
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    Is this correct? The "busiest" board on this stockhits site has 7 topics and 99 replies or am I reading it wrong? (Obviously Aphie hasn't found it yet).

    I think you guys should tell THEEEEEEEEEMan and Zizou to come over to ET.

    (You can pay me later Baron).
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    As zizou said earlier ... if you're not convinced ... then you should stop discussing the system ... peace for all...

    Now I am one of the oldest members on the messages boards ... and I've also been here on ET for quite a while now ... so I'd like to draw your attention that despite having less than 1/100 of ET's members and posts ... the is a far better place to learn ... The atmosphere is very peaceful and the moderators automatically ban and kick out whoever misbehaves on the boards ... So psychic people like some of the ones you occasionaly meet here on ET who continuously insult each other ... make fun of each other, etc etc, are exactly the reason why the boards over there are growing slowly but surely.

    Now as for the number of posts, etc, etc ... Did you realize that the numbers you quoted are the statistics of a 10-day period ? That's how old those new message boards are ... they were started less than 10 days ago ... earlier those message boards were hosted at : (9,600 messages)

    And before that they were hosted at : (1,100 messages)

    What then what's more important to you, the number of members/posts or the content ? I know we're discussing another psychic topic ... but every once in a while I know it's healthy to feel psychic ... just make sure to stop on time ...

    Good luck ...
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    You forgot to include me in that list !!!
    Earlier I received a PM accusing me of being zizou ... and before that I was accused of being super_ego !!!
    And then the best of the best, was the one accusing me of being super_ego, I didn't sound like theee_man, but theee_man sounded like super_ego ... so I was also accused of being super_ego ... to summarize it all :

    bono = super_ego
    super_ego = theee_man
    bono = theee_man

    Now you say that :
    zizou = theee_man
    so that makes
    bono = zizou
    zizou = super_ego

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    Oh I see, then let me just show you what I meant.

    If you look at zizou's first trade, you'd realize that after going long, he sold 50% of the trade at a previous peak, and the remaining 50% once the moving average was penetrated. So if the code doesn't recognize previous peaks, previous resistance levels, trendlines, gaps, etc, this would lead to selling 100% at the break of the moving average, in which case instead of making 6.12% profit, you would only make 4.79%.

    The same scenario took place at the second trade, in which case you would be losing 4.58% instead of 1.93%.

    Again on the last trade and with yesterday's rally, you would have ended up losing 1.43% instead of profiting 4.52%. And of course the overall balance of the system would be sharply negative.

    This is why I was asking if you included all those fine tuning tools in your code. I really hope this message helps you or whoever is trying to code this system. Just don't forget to send me a copy of the code once finished, and I would definitely consider sponsoring this whole project if the programmer ever decides to turn it commercial :)
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  7. TBA,
    originally it was my intention to follow the advice of Zizou and waste no more time on this. But since you, unlike him, are a kind soul, your post certainly deserves an answer.

    The script already scales out on MAs, 1/3 when prices hit MA20, another 1/3 when MA40 is hit. IMHO it is perfectly possible to code the fine tuning as well and everybody who feels inclined to take up the challenge is invited to do it. I've done my very best to code the script in a way that makes it as easy as possible for other programmers to understand and change. By publishing the script on the WL site, I automatically gave up all my rights on the code. It is now in the public domain, and everyone can do with it as he/she pleases, including changing and reposting it or using it for commercial purposes, and I even don't mind if my name as author of the original code is not mentioned in this process. Whoever has any intentions in this direction - be my guest. You already know where to find a sponsor. My own financial situation fortunately puts my in a situation of not being in need of sponsoring.

    TBA, I appreciate that you took the effort to point out the difference in some trades produced by my script from those produced by the Traders' Paradise system in its fine tuned form. I am, however, still convinced that a core system should at least produce some positive expectancy to justify further work on fine tuning. I admit that I might be completely wrong in this case. I am heavily into system development and backtesting, and reliable results for me mean test runs on portfolios containing hundreds of symbols, taking into consideration the correlations of these symbols, testing on different date ranges covering different market phases - all this resulting in thousands of trades, which allows for reliable statistics. This is for systems that are considered "robust", of course. There are systems specially designed for certain markets or situations, and for these, different criteria can be applied. But TPS is not one of them. To draw the conclusion on all of this and to make it short: a few trades I can only consider "anecdotal evidence". Please be assured that this is not meant as personal offence. It is just my point of view. Again, other traders might view this completely different.

    On the stockhits website, it is said that the Traders' Paradise system is completely for free. Well, for me, it wasn't, since my time is certainly not worthless. That's why I would like to ask you now to let me step back from all this and to let me go back to my usual tasks in life. I have already said all I had to say concerning this topic, and for me, this is finished.

    Best Regards,

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