Traders' Paradise System coded

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by Willibald, Sep 30, 2002.

  1. I have coded the Traders' Paradise system. It's now publicly available at the WL website.
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    what is the WL website address?
  3. MrDinky


    Executed on the q's I'm showing a loss of $-6,336.91 over the past year with an average loss of $-36.21 per trade. Buy and hold would've been a loss of $-2,932.37.

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  5. Wow :eek:

    I think "Traders Paradise" is the wrong name for this system....ah, maybe "Traders Hell"
  6. Bob111


    no man, i say it before-it's brokers paradise:D :D :D
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    THREE_MAN at where Trader's Paradise was first introduced never answered any of questions regarding subjectivity to any degree of satistfaction, and many of his attempted answers invented "new rules" to the ones he already posted. In several of his commentaries he violated his own rules, and his "new rules", and when this was pointed out the ezboard forum disappeared and now they are hosting their own forum (with none of the original questions transfered over). This was likely a coincidence. now has monthly $20 subscription for the Trader's Paradise swing trading analysis but the system was never proven to work. Just peruse the old ezboard sites and following THREE_MAN's own commentary and you'll see where he contradicts himself and invents new rules...
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