Trader's occupational arthritis ?

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  1. A few months ago I started having pain in my right wrist, for example upon slamming the clothes washer lid or a door for example. It feels as if my wrist is going to snap in two pieces.
    I also feel pain when lifting heavy dumbells, only on that wrist.

    Before that I also had shaking in that hand , like Parkinson's but that went away . But it was scary. I am under 40.
    Has anyone experienced this ?
    I feel like my right hand has been weakened from resting on the mouse pad 8 hours a day. Maybe it's something else but I don't have pain in other joints . I am pretty sure it has something to do with the mouse. Or maybe I pounded the desk too hard and too often these past couple of months. Stopped doing it two months ago since I got a laptop so if it was that it should have improved!!

    Seriously I am starting to get worried about it.
  2. End of week my mouse hand is a freaking claw. The only thing that helps me is not surfing the web so much while killing time in between trades.
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    Try jerking off with your left hand, it will feel like someone else, while giving your right hand a rest!

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    Sometimes my wrist/forearm is so numb, I have to use my other hand.............I'm referring to using a mouse, not the above post. :eek:
  5. google "carpal tunnel". it is not necessarily caused by masturbation.
  6. You might try placing your mouse pad and mouse on a lower table when you use your computer so that it changes the position of your wrist.

    I had shoulder pain and when I did that it fixed the problem.
  7. i had a sore elbow about 8 years ago, doctor said it was from using the computer/ mouse.
    went to a fysiotherapist who administered very mild electric shocks on it, it was over after only a couple of sessions, it never came back.
  8. this is my 20th year full time and i bet i've missed maybe 10 total days away from the screen in that 20 years. i've averaged around 1000 trades a day and sometimes 4000 or more trades a day in that 20 years
    and throw in surfing and late night and i've not once had a problem with my wrist or eyes. believe me i've thought about it many times and what problems i could have. just exercise and keep your mind in shape and all will be far as the shaking or parkinsons this is using your mond 8 hrs a day so that could 100% cause those type changes. theres health risks to this occupation
  9. my clicking finger is starting to develop tendinitis
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    I feel your pain (literally!). Look into getting a mouse pad with a wrist support. They sell them at any computer store. I found that to be very helpful.

    I would also look into some physiotherapy.

    Good luck.
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