Traders' Most Commonly Asked Questions

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    For those of you that don't know me, I am Steve Miller. I write the "Ask Slim" column in "SFO" magazine, focusing on the psychologic and technical aspects of trading in the stock, option and futures markets.

    With respect to the great response to my column, I'm writing a book on trader's the most commonly asked questions.

    My invitation to you all is to post your questions here or write to me at the email in my signature below. I'll do my best to briefly answer your questions either in this forum or through email.

    Even if you don't have a question you would like answered, I'd love to hear the questions you wish you had asked or the consequences you have experienced for NOT asking.

    I will chose the best questions for my column and to be included in my coming book.

    Thanks again to all my readers for your wonderful comments.

    Steve Miller (Slim)
  2. How can I eliminate FEAR from my trading?

    How can I develop more PATIENCE for entering and exiting trades?

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    I wish I know about market breadth, and put/call ratio when I first started. I use these to pridict the market direction for the next 1-3 days.
  4. I would like to know the three most successful daytrading strategies in minute detail with all pertinent information provided.
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    I dont see any problems with his post?
    This is a perfect place for askslim to get information to help thousands of newbie traders world wide!!

    Why be so difficult on Slim??
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    You wouldn't want to eliminate fear from trading! Just imagine what it would look like if you had no governing force controlling your trading. What you want is for all your emotions to play an appropriate role.

    Fear comes from occurances that happened in your life that have nothing to do with trading. Listen to those voices and try to understand where in your past life they are coming from. Gaining this awarness will go a long way in undertanding how these emotions are not appropraite to your trading.

    Patience comes when emotions disapate. If your trading is heavily laden with emotion, that paradigm will only allow in those thing you see/feel in the markets that scare you.

    Please refer to my article in SFO's premier issue in fall of 2001 entitled, "The Fear Factor" Psychological Sabotage.

    Great Trading!
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    Come'on guys. If he is offering free advice and information/opinion in his posts I see no problem with putting his profession and url in his signature. But I don't like to see graphic links there like some others have done.

    But, the final word is up to the moderators.

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    Ordinarily, I'd agree with you. But others have been asked to remove theirs and have done so. Fair's fair.
  9. "Why me?!"
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    Bob & dbphoenix,

    I hear your concerns and disapproval. I do not wish to violate the rules of ethics of this site. I wish to hear more on this subject from others and from the moderators.

    My purpose is to help other traders, to gather information for my writings and, as many of the participants here, to be visible in the trading world. I have no financial interest in the magazine. For me, it is an identifying factor.

    In my experience, many people are not willing to ask questions that, by their nature, reveal private aspects of their personal life. Thus, my email was included in my signature for their direct questions. I saw no where where it was suggested that email addresses should NOT be included.

    Based on your comments, I have removed my email address from my signature line pending ongoing commentary.

    I look forward to further discussion.
    Thank you,
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