Traders make pennies, Investors make dollars

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  1. There's tons of truth to this.

    Some advice for the new people.

    I've seen too many TA posts around here lately. TA is a way to get in, but not always a way to take profits if you're up.

    Especially if you're investing. AAPL going from 10 to 200, think of all the times TA would have told you to sell your gains.

    Common sense and fundamentals (direction) say hold the whole way.

    Need to start placing a little less weight on technicals if you want REAL success.
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    You may want to post this in EliteInvestor forums.

    This forum is for real men !

    For every AAPL there are 3000 wanna bee's

    AAPL is only AAPL after the fact.

    And just for your information I made 490,000 pennies today with a 10k account can you do 49% returns each day ?
  3. Yes, you need to remind the BSC investors of this - I am sure they will appreciate it!
  4. I'm not sure you could generalize anymore than you have.

  5. How about Enron?

  6. Sure, Enron, C, TMA, CHTR, FNM, FRE, WLP, AIG the list keeps on going!

    Wonder who would buy RIMM, APPL etc now for an "investment"?
  7. By the way, a buddy of mine is still long CIEN from $1000.00 - - - He "averaged down" to $260.00ish

    Investing can be great lol
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    lol. Did you have a bad day.
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    Most trader got mixed up indicators with TA, indicator is a part of the whole bag of trick. When TA tells you the pattern is bullish it also tells you that price action is in the work, which also tells you that the fundamental about the stock is strong. You can prove it the other way that since fundy is strong that TA must have a bullish pattern. TA can also tells you when the market is about to take a break and when it's going to get out of the slump, just can't do that with fundies.

  10. Sure he can. All he has to do is make a post around oh, say 7:19 p.m. each day saying he made a 49% return without providing any evidence of same. You know, kind of like what you did.
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