Traders make money, but here is how some traders make serious money

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    with all do respect scriabinop

    are you one of those guys making millions.

    what you say is hard requiring decade of experience.

    by the way, how the hell do you pick a nickname like that :confused:
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  2. Not making millions, but my goals are more modest. at least for now.

    But if you appreciate the difficulty of doing this, then you are half way there and you cognitively realize that you can't make millions overnight unless you basically gamble. Your chances of being successful would be slightly above making a killing at a roulette table.

    scriabin opus 23 .. google.
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  3. I predict eventual transformation into Literature.

    Specifically Chapter 11.
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  4. <i>"This thread is about doing it the way Livermore did."</i>

    Really? And how'd that work out for the late Jesse L.?

    Can you share with us just how rich & successful he was at his death, using similar tactics you purport?
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    Guys... the markets are still open :D
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  6. Ahhhh nothing better than another thread about "Gambler's Ruin".

    Going "All-In" works every single time but once.
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  7. All in is great until....
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  8. Great photo!
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  9. here is another good picture of what happens to cocky traders.
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  10. On the face of it, post 1 sounds like bullsh1t...

    But, casting my mind back, it was precisely using the ideas contained in post 1 that I made the large amount of capital necessary to trade large size for a living...

    So I have decided not to condemn post 1 for, if I did, I would be a hypocrite...

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