Traders make money, but here is how some traders make serious money

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  1. my (mostly long, with a few shorts) portfolio moved up nicely and i scalped a few points from the ES. I'm already out. would have loved to get all 15-16 pts, but one can dream.

    In fact, I was short ER2 friday and after that job news I removed the short (for a small profit).

    So, no, I'm not pissed. Had a decent day.
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    holy grail

    can you please elaborate a bit

    why do you think that?

    no seriously I want to understand your logic.

    do you mean demise like dying of old age or what ????? :D
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  3. The market has humbled better traders than you or I. Just when you think you have it figured out I promise you that you haven't. The name of the game is conservation of capital with decent returns, not pie in the sky returns. Anything that you can make in one day you can lose in one day.
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  4. And with this approach, make in one month (or year), lose in one day.
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  5. I'm 95% sure that my system has a 95% probability to produce trade signals with 95% certainty which would probably make profits 95% of times, providing the markets follow my signals 95%.
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    good points good points.


    one must ask oneself what is the goal.

    to make consistant salary by trading.

    or to make couple million in 2 years.

    that is I guess a question, every person will answer depending on age, family, risk tolerance
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  7. IMO it doesn't matter. If anyone risks half their account on any trade other than trading on absolutely "insider information" their risk of ruin is guaranteed.
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    that is actually excellent point, some people's edge is inside info belive it or not :eek:
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  9. BINGO!

    and the most extreme market moves are frequently fueled by lots of traders being absolutely certain they are gonna be right, holding on until max pain, getting stopped out/margin called and fueling a massive move

    the biggest moves are usually because too many people got on the wrong side of the trade and the market just ROCKETS through price levels. when you see it rocketing and actually skipping ticks on the way up (or down), that's when u know accounts are being liquidated, stops hit in massive fashion

    it's beautiful

    i was reasonably certain the market would run. i bot YM at market open sunday night.

    but my size? i contract.

    position sizing, risk of ruin, etc. money management.


    risking your trading capital on any 1 trade is stupid.

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  10. You could make a couple million in a few years without using this type leverage. You just need great trading skills, analytical expertise, and specialize in a market where you've found an edge.

    Catch a 2.00 move in soybeans with 2 contracts and thats 20k. Learn to take 30 ticks/week on zb. $8k/month on 2 contracts. etc. etc.. add these up and you'll be able to increase your size without overlevering before you know it.

    No desperate bets needed.
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