Traders make money, but here is how some traders make serious money

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    If you put $5000 into a prop account and then buy $1 million worth of stock you could lose your $5000 in about 3 minutes.

    I think the original poster meant you start with $10,000 and turn it into $50,000 year in year out.

    I have no idea why anyone with any method at all would trade at a prop shop.

    Not sure about betting half of account on one trade....but I see 1200% a year as very doable in furures markets.
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    Actually you didn't know what would happen Monday. You took a guess. Nothing is known with certainty.

    As far as blowing out $5K and $10K accounts ... that's not any serious money. Rather, that's some basic tuition.
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  3. yeah but u aint gonna do it off the bat are u. once u shown uself consitency u can. afterall it's all winnin' money that u put at risk. by the way some here do it from time to time and never let losses get outta control.
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    No Bit...youre not going to until you can.....thats why you lay low until you see things and then lock and load.....

    Most do the opposite.

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  5. Your so full of shit lol.

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  6. No wonder you're quite confident in going all in. when your account is about $15k, it's easy to go up to your margin in futures. Making 500% on a 10k or 15k account is much easier than going 500% with a 200k account.

    Like someone said, losing 10k all you need to do is get a decent job and you'll have it back in 2-3 months. When you have 200k, and you lose it, it will take you a long time to make all that back so you're more inclined to take less risk (as should be).

    Going all in is the dumbest thing on earth. Even if you're 95% sure, the day doesn't end tomorrow. the market will be around long after you're dead; why are you in a hurry?
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  7. *yawn* I'll pass; I'd rather make a nice, steady, 20% return and get paid an 7/8 figure bonus each year than trying to have a heart attack keeping up with retarded returns (unless you're talking about a piddly capital amount)
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  8. They always are, until the music stops---|
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    are you serious?
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  10. Love to see the P & L on that 500%. :p
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