Traders make money, but here is how some traders make serious money

Discussion in 'Trading' started by FutTrd, Nov 6, 2006.

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    to answer mschey

    serious money is 500% per year

    to respond to ang99

    you are wrong, you think I am gambler, to bet half the portfolio you must have a reason, a damn good one,

    betting half of portfolio on 95% certainty is
    good because the rest of times I am betting only 5 % of portfolio
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  2. pv150


    Naw serious money is 5000% a year. Options/futures are the only conceivable way to get there. Plus you gotta define 'killing' :D :p
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  3. FutTrd


    5000% a year

    you know what, I rarely use the word impossible

    but in this case I'll do it

    IMPOSSIBLE :eek:
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  4. Keep in mind that bulls win, bears win, but pigs get slaughtered. Don't ever bet your whole life on one trade is what my mentor taught me and I see proof of that every single day. Every time I go all out on a stock, I get slaughtered. It's just my opinion..
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    thank you Mr. Cramer :)
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  6. depends...if u start relatively small and the product u are tradin' is on a trend u saw countless time before, addin' position after position 'till u almost exhaust your margins is doable without bumpin' into risk of ruin.
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  7. everyone that i know that trades like their allin don't trade anymore
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  8. Blowing out 15k is not blowing out. It is a set back. I say that because at such a small size, these dollars can be easily replenished by any normal working salary, within months.

    Blowing out 100k+ is a real blow out.

    And again, just because Zanger and Livermore made millions doing this, doesn't mean it will work. Like others said, that 1 time you are wrong and so certain, you're done.

    Remember, Soros made a billion trading the gbp, but Hunter lost 7 billion trading nat gas with the same certainty.

    If you're an idiot, you'll lose for sure doing this. If you are the market, you'll win. But if you're the market, you likely still aren't betting 50% of what you have on your high certainty bets.

    PS... does anyone here know off the top of their head what Soros' capital basis and percentage portfolio risk was for the gbp trade that made him a billion $$$ ??

    I doubt even that trade was a 50% risk.
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  9. Joab



    5000% per year is very doable these days and MANY are.

    Take a $5000 prop account and average $500 per day and viola.

    As far as your trade goes it reminds me of a roulette player I once knew in Vegas.

    Everytime I saw him play he would slaughter the table and win huge money.

    I asked him why he always won and his answer was simply:

    I don't win all the time, when I loss I leave fast and you never see the losses BUT when I win I always push it FAR and stay as long as I can.

    The problem is did all those small loses eat up those occasional BIG wins ????
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  10. ror, prop traders are leveraged 100/1 and at times go all in in one trade yet they aint gonna go broke and they know it. it's all about risk control; u aint gonna take a humongous loss on your position, u keep it tight and risk of catastrophic losses becomes a non issue.
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