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  1. I have been a recent subscriber to Traders Magazine (Thomson Media) and I would like to know whether others have read the magazine before and your thoughts about it. I find the information much more useful than consumer mags like Stocks and Commodities and Active Trader.
  2. Do you have a link?
  3. I have been told by a prop firm manager that active
    traders is most bought trading magazine. But i am
    not sure of contents, since i am not subscribed to
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    You can read or print out four complete color back issues. They are one's I received in the mail when they originally came out. The August 2001 issue has a excellent time of day to trade article on page 22.


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  6. This shit don't have international customers, how it
    can be a popular trading magazine
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    I would hardly describe Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities,
    and Active Trader as "consumer" magazines. They both target (as
    do others) the definite niche audience of traders of the financial markets.

    Trader Magazine is one of several "industry" magazines - in this case,
    institutional trading - as it is the official publication of the
    Securities Traders Association.

    All have interesting, timely articles on topics of interest to traders. Lots from which to pick and choose.

    garfangle, since you started this thread, why don't you share with the rest
    of us the types of Trader Magazine articles where you "find the information
    much more useful than consumer mags...." :)
  9. Can you find me a link that they can post you their
    magazines if you aren't living in united state?

    How they can expect to increas their sales when they
    can't offer such a simple service to their overseas
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    i have just recently found sfo mag, and i love it. it has more funtional articles, meaning about stuff every trader can use from metal to tax to basics, and all other stuff. i find stocks and comm. sometimes too dry, and those other mags sometimes present so many strategies or systems, that if you are profitable, why do you want to read about some other marginal system. i like sfo best now, with active 2nd. just my op.
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