Traders' Lifestyle: Lunch

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    This thread is to share pictures of your lunch to other traders.

    Please feel free to post whatever lunch you are having. This would provide an idea for everyone of what the real lifestyle of us traders are like.


  2. It looks kind of dry, don't you have any mayo or hot sauce?
    Even a tomato or some romaine would make that look appetizing.
  3. S2007S


    is that whole wheat bread?

    does look dry, i would throw a sliced tomato and some mayo.

  4. Alvin


    is that fried or baked?

    haddock or cod? or maybe whitefish?

    be specific! :D

    don't look like fish to me.
  5. I just happen to ran of those ingredients. That would definitely make my fish sandwich taste a lot better.

    Gonna buy some mayo and horseradish tomorrow to make some tartar sauce.
  6. That was pan fried sole in a low heat. My oven broke, but I'll get it fixed soon.

    It's still tasty tho. :)
  7. Alvin


    looks like some poor little thing drowned in bread crumbs.

    are you eating it for the bread crumbs or for the fish?

    would you eat shit if it were rolled in bread crumbs?

    look within for the answer!
  8. Yeah, whole wheat bread for me now. I gotta stay healthy. I used to eat a lot of junk when I had a full time job. I had burgers and fries and it was just really disgusting.
  9. I would eat your wife's asshole out if it was clean!
  10. Please share pictures of your lunch. Thanks!
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