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  2. That's a Bloomberg keyboard, you need a Bloomberg Professional subscription to get one.
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    It's nothing special, just a simple Bloomberg keyboard... Standard issue with every terminal.
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    Why design a special keyboard?... Speed? accuracy? convenience? worthwhile? Or just a holdover from pre-cheap computer/ internet/ data era?
  5. LOL at the "sick" office views.
  6. Dude in that picture needs to go on a diet or he is going to have a heart attack soon. He's way overweight.
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    So what? Hes got a Bloomberg keyboard, so I guess his life is pretty complete huh?

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    Were these things put out to pasture by the Graphical User Interface?
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    These are some great keyboards:

    But I just bought a 1984 IBM Model M keyboard in perfect condition and it is simply the best keyboard ever made by mankind. Its a little noisy because of the metallic clacking it makes when a key is pressed but it has the feeling of quality and is indestructible. You aren't going to fat finger a trade with a Model-M. :D

    How many pieces of IT equipment are still useful 30 years after being built?
  10. How about just 5 years?

    That's what I thought when I looked at this guy... last man on the planet that needs that many monitors..
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