Traders Is Dubai or the UAE?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    am an expat trader currently living in Dubai, i specialize in Energy futures after initially starting in stocks many years ago.

    Are there any traders here in the UAE? Looking to chat and explore opportunities with other like minded people.
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  2. Hello Mike. I have 5 yrs experience of trading of various future products such as Euribor, Eurex (bund, bobbl, schatz), euro dollar etc. I had also come down to DPTG once to pursue my trading but things didnt work out. Are you still working there only? Any idea about other trading opportunities in Dubai or UAE??
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    I didn't make the move to Dubai yet but it might be for the school year beginning in August 2016, still considering it. Going to Dubai every few months anyway, interested to chat about trading (I swing trade international equities though, not futures) and various investments, nothing against a drink out in Dubai clubs either.
  4. Hi Abdul, i never traded at DPTG, I came to Dubai for other reasons though i trade out of Dubai currently.Sorry to hear about your experience at DPTG, am guessing it was overpriced as i had looked into it upon arrival.
    I think the UAE is a opportunity to raise capital with the right contacts. Trading wise i enjoy the timezone as i trade usually 12 hrs a day.
  5. Hi Luis, a, always happy to talk about trading the more eccentric the ideas the better. where are you based now? I am in Dubai but have traded out of Sydney, Madrid and now Dubai.
    whats lacking in Dubai i find there is no real traders network. Only perk is the timezone to trade euro and US markets.
  6. Mike i am interested in starting up my trading carrier again. But the biggest problem is that i do not have sufficient funds for it. Anyways how do u trade. Which platform and clearer. Also if you could guide me as to how to go about with my trading. I shall be hugely indebted.
  7. Adbul,
    regardless of the platform and clearer. My only suggestion is to find a style that suits for personality and make sure you have enough starting capital to begin with. Most people start trading on small budgets trying to get rich and its very difficult. Starting capital is really undervalued, look at it as a business. You wouldn't start a cafe with only being able to pay wages and rent for a month.
    Lastly find a product your comfortable with and that interests you. I started in stocks and then at the financial crisis ceased trading to learn about futures, i took a 2 yr rest and studied and relaxed. Eventually going with oil and natural gas as it interests me. I loved to the middle east mainly to get under understanding on Arab culture and mindset in business to give me a better understanding of what OPEC decides at meetings. I have learnt alot coming here.

    Also, never follow the news LOL
  8. Mike thanks a ton for the heads up. My experience in trading has been with a prop trading firm where i used to trade on the funds provided by the company. There was never any shortage of those. But starting to trade alone on my own funds makes me a little skeptical. The markets have changed these days plus i don't even know what shall be the min amt of capital i'll require.

    So do you trade full time or part time. Is this your only source of income?? (hope you dont mind me asking that).

    Also about the news part, i partly agree. Have never been more of a news or technical guy :)
  9. Hi Abdul,

    I trade full time and it's my career. i don't think this is a job for part time hobbyist, it requires so much focus.

    In regards to min capital all depends on markets you trade, i personally trade Brent Crude though i could diversify, i like being focussed on one product. For every contract i trade i ensure i have $10-12K available. As you can see i am very risk advert, and only well all lights are green will i break that rule. Style wise i developed my own hybrid, though i trade one product i still keep a very broad view of markets as i trade Asia,Eu & US hours (dont sleep much LOL).

    Did you trade for a prop firm here in the UAE? What deal did they offer you?

  10. Hi Mike - you still in Dubai..? Am visiting Dubai next week, meeting a few traders and hedge funds during my trip - if you are around and fancy a drink or coffee and have a chat about markets and the trading scene in Dubai the let me know (PM me and can connent on what's app) - am around tues 8 and wed 9 may 2018.
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