Traders/investors abused by SEC, exchange and market makers?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by brokenmarkets, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. Traders/investors abused by SEC, exchange , market makers, HFT frontrunning, insider self dealing

    investors get ripped.
    traders get ripped off

    they give you take it or leave's their market ...

    We aian't going to take it anymore!

    being abused and taken advantage by the powers to be. disadvantaged by theives and crooks on wall street who control the crime racket!
  2. I saw those guys live 1-2 years ago. They're still rocking hard.
  3. the song was about child abuse.

    gov't and censors at that time was trying to ban it.

    investors and traders are being abused and ripped off by the powers to be. and there is nothing traders and investors can do about it. either you abandon the market. or play their game. and play by their rules.

    traders and investors can start their own exhanges if they don't like the rules of these exchanges or markets..and investors dont' need the SEC man. traders/investors can enforce their own rules...ban any trader or broker breaking rules no fines.

    SEC is useless to the investing and trading community.