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  1. I have been asked by a certain moderator, not all moderators mind you, to no longer post pictures within my posts, but have a link pointing to them, as he seems to think that many "traders" are using dial up internet connections.

    I find this hard to believe, but I could be wrong.

    Survey says:
  2. T1.
  3. BillyG67


    God i hope Not I had cable modem before i was even thinking of trading
  4. echo


    Well, I use broadband, but I never thought your pictures were relevant to this group. So I would be happy not to be forced to look at them.
  5. I thought the pictures in the "Whose your favorite permabull?" thread were a riot.
  6. Please pardon the question, but what is that "force" which compels you to look at the pictures?

  7. echo


    I can't really read without finding the words. I can't find the words without my eyes looking at the screen. With my eyes open and looking at the screen, it's hard not to see the pictures. Anyway, I don't mind all pictures. What I object to are the ones you post making fun of other people.
  8. So it is the pictures, or my making fun of others that you would like to have me censor?

    How about posting pictures where I make fun of myself, would that be ok?

    How about posting pictures where I make fun of Saddam, or Osamma Bin Laden, would that be okay?

    Do you ever read the editorial section of the newspaper, and are forced to read a satirical cartoon?

    The horror.....
  9. Those are the best kind.

    All satire, parody, the entire script of a SNL, etc. consists of, for the most part, making fun of people.
  10. pictures worth 1k words... I like them ! :p

    but just keep it under 50K bytes size, this should keep the dial up traders happy.

    By the way, I don't see the difference between having a picture making fun of other people, and a full paragraph of text insulting , flaming others.

    Cheers! :)
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