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    It has been a long time since anybody has mentioned Traders International in here. I know they are still up and running because I get a daily recap emailed to me almost every day.

    Has anybody heard much from them or does anybody know how they are doing. Is Franz still their King of Traders and still using his Bulls Eyes?

    And how about that David guy to.

    Just curious since I don't see their ads or hear anything about them.
  2. You can read what happen (you participated in that thread).

    There are some ET members that were in close contact with Tailhook and participated actively in the other prior threads.

    My guess, they are the best ones to contact to find out what has occurred since the above link.

    Also, prior to the above link was known at ET that TI had distance itself from Franz.

    In fact, if you go to TI website you don't see Franz mentioned anywhere nor is he listed in the partner category when he was listed there in the past.

    Further, if your getting daily emails recaps of the trading day...

    Are these emails from TI or emails from Franz???

    If they're from Franz...then its obvious he's on his own and doing his own thing especially if there's no mentioning of TI in those emails.

    Whom has replaced him at TI...I wonder too.

    By the way, I did recently see an AD by them but I can't remember what magazone (I'm usually browsing mags at the magazine store instead of buying the magazine).

    Simply, I guess business as usual for them minus one of their big attractions.

    I'm sure they are out shopping for a replacement.

    Last of all, you participated in the past theads where talihook posted all kinds of contact info of those in the know about TI...

    You can always call, write or phone one of them to find out what's going on.

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    I know I participated in the past threads on them but it has been a couple of months since I have heard anything. In fact no real new news since tailhook/Dave lost his court fight with them and disappeared from ET.

    The recap emails I have been getting are from a guy named Rich. I believe he took over the mentorship after Dave left. There is never any mention of Franz though and like you say their website doesn't mention him either. That is what prompted me to ask.
  4. Sounds like Franz is doing his own thing.

    However, if he is, I would guess he can't be using TI methods or isn't allowed to do such.

    Thus, if Franz is on his own he's probably using a methodology that's completely different from what TI teaches to keep from getting into trouble with TI.

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    Yeah, maybe one of their current members will fill us in. It isn't anything that I am going to spend a lot of time researching if you know what I mean.

  6. he lost the court fight? where did you get this info?


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    This thread is about the only thing left on here that talks about the lawsuit.

    But if I remember correctly Dave's attorneys dropped him as their client. Then after all this he was banned from ET and all post from him or about him was deleted.

    This is only from my memory and I have slept since then so it is a little foggy.
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