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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by daytrade5, Aug 10, 2002.

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  1. daytrade5


    I want to communicate with anyone our there who is currently trading the Traders International TIMES system.
  2. todd960


    what is traders international? hehehe
  3. dottom


    I've posted about Traders International, Afshin, and his partner Roger before, do a search on "traders international". It's a SCAM, don't do it. I haven't posted on ET in awhile, but I have a mission to protect everyone I can against these SCAM artists.

    You pay $4000 and the system is simply to enter on a stochastics & MACD divergence when a double-top/dottom-bottem occurs.

    They claim it's a mechanical system in their literature but they don't give any systematic rules for determining divergence or double-top. In fact they are against using a trading system (ala Wealth-Lab or Tradestation) because that turns the system into a "black-box without human intervention". Translation: our hypothetical results can only be acheived with 100% hindsight, so we don't support systematic rules.

    It's a huge scam, and I have names and numbers of people who have taken the course and are pissed off as hell. (That's how I got involved, some other traders contacted me to evaluate the quality of the "system" they paid for and I concluded they got ripped off big-time).
  4. todd960


    And I happen to know daytrade5. I was just messing with him when I said "what is Traders International." He makes a living trading exactly what you say won't work. Just goes to show you what doesn't work for one individual works for another.
  5. dottom


    Hmm... daytrade5 is a first time poster asking about Traders International, hmm... what's one to think.

    Try asking Afshin for actual trading records, NONE. What about actual trading records from one of his students, afterall, someone has to be successful trading it? It'd be a GOLDMINE for a vendor to have actual trading records. After hundreds of students there has to be someone willing to let Traders International post their trading record, just blackout the name and account #. NONE.

    Have you looked at the hypothetical record? Try following everyone one of those trades while covering the chart and tell me that you would've spotted even 50% of those entries at the hard right edge. Hindsight is 20-20, and selling systems that don't work is 100% snake oil margin.

    Common- it's a lame ass method with two canned indicators, divergence, & double-top double-bottom pattern for $4k!! Common, at least Ken Roberts only steals a few hundred dollars from unsuspecting victims.

    If you know someone who actually is trading that method successfully, I know 6 people who are out $4,000 plus what they lost trading the method who'd love to talk to him. What did daytrade5 do different that these 6 have not? PM me an email address if you're for real.
  6. I JUST NOTICED THIS POST. i met these two guys at the online trading expo and what was more nauseating than listening to their fairytale speech: " earn $3000 a week with a$2000 margin account ( ya... right!!) was the crowds they had captivated listening to this crap. It belongs in "TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION TRADING MANUAL!"
  7. todd960


    The reason that was daytrade5's first post was because I told him about elitetrader a few days ago thinking he may be interested in checking out the different type of forums.

    I admit it's a difficult system to trade. I wasn't able to make it work well enough for me, and I'm not saying it's worth $4,000 either. But I assure you daytrade5 trades it everyday and I know of a couple other traders who also use it. I'm not here to stick up for traders International, I could care one way or another what anyone thinks about it. Daytrade5 was just hoping to chat with anyone who uses it on a daily basis. No harm in that I would think.
  8. they have a chatroom available everyday available at their website for all their graduates. WHY NOT GO THERE IF YOU REALLY WANT TO TALK ABOUT THE TRADING SYSTEM??

  9. dottom


    If Daytrade5 took the course at their Houston office, you would think he'd have names of the other attendees to chat with. If he took the once-per-week online workshop, you would think he would've exchanged emails with other workshop attendees. If he has questions about the method itself, why not email TI directly? They offer unlimited support.

    What surprises me is how Afshin can go to trade show after trade show and stand up there with a straight face at all those speaking engagements.

    Again, if Daytrade5 is really serious, tell him to PM me and I will put him in touch with 6 former students.
  10. todd960


    You guys sure make a guy regret posting on this site. I guess I should never have jumped in and responded at all here. Maybe Daytrade5 just wants to correspond with fellow traders trading the same system. No one said he was here to learn anything. As you can see he hasn't even responded here. So lighted up, damm.
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