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    would like to know if anyone is familiar with traders international based out of houston. their system trades the S&P 500 e minis contracts. TIMES method. if anyone has used this i would be interested in any feedback . gabriel
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    thankyou for the info! any suggestions on a system or course?
    gabriel :)
  3. What the "TIMES method"? Thanks
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    all that i know is that "their method or system -TIMES" is based on a buy on a double bottom with stochastic at double with high er high and the same with the moving average. reverse that for a sell. times stands for Traders International Market Expert System.
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    Guess it's time to think about possible alternatives if you've invested:

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    no, haven't bought it{friend's referral}just trying to do my homework. thanks for the humor. gabriel
  7. Be very careful if you decide to buy a vendor system. Ask for actual trade results instead of these hypothetical BS vendors post. Some I know post results with the benefit of hindsight. Some look real good with the benefit of hindsight but are very very subjective in real-time. Ask for a free trial if possible.

    I don't want to write off all the verdor systems since some do actually work but do your due diligence. I wouldn't rely on suggestions provided by someone you don't know on a message board unless they can provide some proof.

    Why don't more vendors post account statements? I wouldn't trade any vendor system they don't trade themselves.
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    TIMES and Traders International is all snake oil. The system is very simple, yet discretionary. They only provide hypothetical record, no actual trading results, even though they claim to trade it everyday themselves. They can't even provide actual brokerage statement from any of their hundreds of clients who paid $4000 for the seminar.

    I personally know 5 traders who paid the $4k, took the course (despite me warning 4 of them not to, the 5th trader took the course before I made contact), actually traded with real money based on the false bravado they had from taking the course, and ALL lost money. All are very upset at the misrepresentation by Traders International. The worse part is not that they paid $4k for the course, but that Traders International gave them false hopes to begin with, resulting in them losing significant money, and when they call in for help are told they must be doing something wrong because the hypothetical results are great!

    I even know of two specific cases where traders called in to talk to Afshin's partner Roger (they claim that Afshin teaches while Roger trades, in order to circumvent that argument "if it's so good why don't you trade it?") and asked about specific trading questions for that day and Roger was bluffing his way through the conversation. Translation: Roger did not follow the market at all that those two days even though he was trying to pretend that he did.

    I've never taken the course myself, but after reviewing the manual, it's clearly all b/s. It's a classic double-top/bottom with stochastics/macd divergence system. Some claim it's almost identical to an old TCI system. This is a kind of system that looks great when you look at all the salient examples in class, but is impossible to verify by coding because it's discretionary.

    What Traders International doesn't tell you is it's much harder to pick a double-top/bottom or identify divergence at that hard right edge.
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    Well, this is gonna be my last post for this week, but I gotta totally agree: do absolutely not buy if they don't have an audited track record !

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