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  1. I saw some old posts about Traders International, but none recently. I have attended 3 of their free live online demos and watched the company's founder make 2 points profit on the ES in 5-20 minutes each time. I know they had problems with Franz Shoar in the past, but he is no longer with the company.

    I am sure a lot of people have opinions about paying $6-7000 for a system, but I would really appreciate hearing the experiences of any traders who have actually taken their course and spent time in their live trading room in the last year. Has it led to consistent profits of several ES points a day for you as the company claims and posts on their website? Thanks.
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    so it's not safe with Tradesafe?
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    No one whom you pay will ever show successful day trading method for futures. Some might show parts of what they do to get additional capital for themselves, but this would be it. The simple reality is that there are not that many day trading markets for futures, and if one knows how to do it successfully, by showing it to you, they will create competition for the same entry points, and your trades would fight instructors’ to get a better fill.

    Yeh, I know all about, but we all different and even if someone shows you exactly what they do you will not be able to follow it exactly. This is pure BS. While this holds true for longer term trades, where few large losses in a row will make you doubt everything, this would not be the case for day trading if what is shown to you actually works (obviously is someone has no discipline then nothing will work).

    So, you might get some ideas from paying $, but at the end you will have to figure out things for yourself.

    My advice is start using search on this site, it has enough info to point you in a right direction, and keep the money for your actual trading.

    Also, if you need free charting and live data, go to and apply for free ninja trader with zen-fire data feed combination.

  4. I am very happy with TradeSafe, but some days there are only a couple of set-ups all day. I am looking for more trading opportunities. TradeSafe is a trend following method and Traders International teaches a counter-trend divergence method that would compliment what I am currently using and might lead to additional profitable set-ups.
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    You are in for a big surprise when you start to place live trades following their calls.
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    RedDuke - why is that?
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    They trade on simulator, and thus draw downs mean nothing to them. Just search for Franz Sohar who used to be their head trader, and claimed to make around 100K per day. As it turned out, he was trading on sim.
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    Youve got to be fucking crazy to pay that kind of money for their trade calls....everybody knows that they trade on a SIM !!!!

    Why dont you instead save that money and take the time to learn about pivots, divergences, etc yourself ?
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    What's a good way to go about that? There doesn't seem to be any service that is worth paying for (haven't found one anyone likes yet) but if you could get it out of a book, then everyone would be doing it?
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    Virtually everything that is involved in successful trading is printed in book form and or internet media somewhere. Availability of info is not the issue, it is applying it with the correct mindset and psychology. I can buy the same golf clubs that Tiger uses, but I likely won't hit the same way. Although if I work hard
    and adapt myself to using those clubs, I might do well.

    I purchased the Trader's International program and used it for about two years. This was in the early days and it was cheaper.
    The system they teach can be learned and it is quite effective for some traders. I made money with it four out of five days.
    It is a variation on divergence reversal and works pretty well when properly applied. Veteran traders might scoff at the TI method, because of its simplicity.

    My TI experience was pre- Franz Shoar. The moderator who called the trades did a decent job. It would have made no difference to me whether he was trading himself, sim or otherwise. His role was simply to illustrate the method and to point out entries and exits.

    I slowly gravitated to trend continuation, which is not something that TI seems to do. Their basic methodology is OK. You will probably want to refine it a bit after some experience.
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