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  1. Has anyone taken this program? Any feed back appreciated. Just watched online Webinar & seems like they go the xtra yard to help you. Cost $5995.00
  2. kenser


    Fell for their smooth talk and took the course over 2 years ago when the price was $4495. That's when Franz was involved & Dave _____ was the intructor & had the big falling out. I know they have tried to improve their divergence trading methods since I took their program but to be honest thought it was a complete waste of money just like all the other training programs, methods & software programs I've purchased!!!
    Was trusting enough to think trading vendors had the answers on how to be consistent.

    Do a search on TI & you'll find many replies.

    Just think about it. If a trader was truly successful do you think he/she would sell their information or waste their time being a vendor!
  3. 6 K you have to be joking if you are looking for something like they trade there are other much cheaper. Think about it you could put that 6 k into a trade account and use it to trade small.
  4. john12


    there was big falling out as franz was trading a fake account. do a search. you pay 6k for anything and you're a damm full
  5. There whole operation is based on a fraud. I was a partner in a Consulting firm when I moved back to Sydney before going back to trading and we were at a seminar and the TI people were there they gave me their speil which sounded crap at best and dodgy as well so I went and checked them out on the web. I was watching the video testemonials and saw the two presenters on their giving testamonials as if they were clients. They are a bumch of scammers stay well, well away of those snake oil salesmen
  6. KHL


    $5,995? Not any longer. Now they ask $6,995 with hard sell pitch.