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  1. Wow,

    I just got back from these guys' presentations. Man that was absolutely impressive. I think I am going to send them whatever they want for that impressive course. They can tell you exactly where you should have entered after every trade!!....Truly amazing. Really one heck of a system. 6 out of 6 winners....unless of course your are following along with your own broker and put the order in right when he says, didn't get filled on ANY of the three that were called out, and if I had used a market order, 2 out of 3 would be losers. So, they say 6 out ot 6 winners. Only 3 were called out real time....while the others were "called out in hindsight", and no fill on any. When people start asking this question, the answer is "getting a fill is based on experience". I would love to have the experience to get filled 3 ticks below the market on a long!....if they can teach that then I will shut the hell up.

    After I saw this, I did a quick internet search....and wow...all the results! I asked a question about Franz....and it was quickly erased from the chat room! Now, if Franz was some sort of rogue trader(seems to be many abound lately) and TI didn't know exactly what was going on, then they should say that....or provide some sort of explanation, but due to their lack of response and coverup attempt....i am assuming they are of the same breed....I was subsequently banned from were others. Assfin...or however you say it...asked if anybody was interested...many people jumped up and started yelling "how wonderful....what a system!....I was helpless (couldn't type or say a word) felt like I was watching a friend drown or a man kill himself right in front of my eyes

    I am sure that people can trade divergence, in fact I do quite often, and maybe there are those out there that do trade well with TI's methods, but I would rather die slowly from some sort of rabid festering syphilis than ever send them a dime of even my worst enemies money.

    I really kind of feel sad, but I guess somebody has to keep these guys in business....