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Discussion in 'Trading' started by kieron627, Sep 3, 2007.

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    I was just wondering whether someone could give me some information on companies such as Traders International? As i'm sure all of you know, these types of companies offer to teach you all the secrets or trading futures and options etc and they sell the story that their method is the best. Traders International use 3 charts...moving average, price and scochastic (spelling??).

    Are they ALL scams??

    What does a company like this provide that I can't get from reading a few books and buying something like eSignal for myself?

    I have been an investor in long term shares for a number of years but started looking into day trading as a way to suplement income by doing a few hours a day.

    I saw some posts on another site which referred to lawsuit action against TI and a number of other companies and the posts said there was more information about TI on, hence why I am here. Perhaps someone can send me the link to those posts if they still exist?

    Thanks very much in advance.