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  1. Are there any Traders International grads out there who would care to discuss some of the strategies?

    I took the course last summer and my trading experience has been up and down, although down more than up!

    Recently things are looking better, and I'm wondering if any of you have found certain elements of the program to be more successful than others.

    First, Is anyone consistently making money off of the divergence signal? I haven't had much success with them.

    Let me know what's working.


  2. I am sorry to hear that it has not been a great success for you. I just signed up today after participating in the demo. Sounds like it is too good to be true based on your comments.

    I can't offer you any experience yet, except that I have already been day trading the mini DOW with some success (modest amounts).

    Since they seem to provide a life time of support, why have you not gone back to them for tune ups?

    Let's stay in touch.

  3. Welcome to the fold. :-D

    I don't want to say anything to dampen your ardor, but there are enough subjective elements in the TI system that things are not as straightforward as they first seem. The reak 'trick' is to know when to take signals and let them pass.

    That is why I am interested in discussing with others who have TI experience, what works and what does not.

    If you signed up today, when are you taking the course? Also, then I assume your mini-DOW trading is not TI related?


  4. Correct, mini-DOW is not TI related.

    I take the course April 7th.

    I now have the so called manual and am working through that. Did you sign up with FutureSource and run on their simulator?

    - Rob.
  5. Very good. I presume then you are taking it in person and not over the phone.

    After my training I signed up for the PFG simulator and opened an account with Global. I still use the PFG simulator, and I am still at Global. I use the simulator to try out ideas and try to hone my skills.

    While you're waiting for the seminar, you should read "Trading in the Zone." It's requred reading for the TI course and will keep you busy until the 7th!


  6. You know, I've just skimmed through the "manual". I must say I am very dissappointed so far. Where is the backtesting results on this trading method? I don't see any whatsoever. I can't believe they don't have any.

    What is the expectancy of this system? What is the max drawdown to profit ratio? What is the historic number of wins and losses in a row? How does it pyramid contract sizes based on total account equity?

    The "system" does not seem to have any of this.

    Do the TI people expect its students just to "wing it" on all this and trust them that this is a "great system". They talked about an 80% win/loss ratio before I bought the course. I thought that claim would be backed up with backtesting statistics.

    I will ask them these questions directly next week. - Rob.
  7. Did you get the PM (Private Message) I sent you?

  8. No I did not. - Rob.
  9. Sorry, yes I did get it now. Thanks, Rob.
  10. I'm going to start posting TI trades on this thread in the hope of stirring up some discussion about what works in the system. I've been playing with various things, and doing pretty well on the PFG simulator. Now, in the past week I've started trading with real $$ as well as the simulator. Some trades for real, other simulated.

    Here's the story today: I took the first signal of the day, which generally is pretty good.

    S: 881.50 at 9:44 am (Div. Sig, R2 level, Gap up) Real $$
    B: 883.50 -2.00

    This one made me mad. You notice that the high tick of the day was 883.50, and it was probably my one measly contract! :mad: Price went on to give +2.00 and more.

    This brings up a question. My last two $$ trades have been stopped out on the extreme tick, and then it went around and gave the profit goal. Has anyone noticed this? It couldn't be that there are enough TI grads out there, and all their stops are at the same spot? Would it be enough for 'folks' to run price up there to knock 'em out?

    So, it was a great trade, except that I lost money!

    Next, a simulator trade

    S: 870.00 at 11:14 (Div. Sig w/ trend)
    B: 868.00 +2.00

    Those are the two I've taken today, too bad I didn't switch them and take the first one on the simulator and second with real $$. :D

    If you're out there and trading the TI way, please post some trades and ideas.


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