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  1. I saw them at the Traders Expo in NYC and have since participated in one of their online free seminars. It all seems to good to be true...10% return per day.

    I actually watch them trade live using one of their indiciators. It triggered, they got their 2 points on the ES and they were out. It was compelling to watch.

    Are these guys legit? Does anyone have first hand knowledge or experience of their operation?

    Thanks in advance. (I hope I posted to the right forum)
  2. NB4ZOT


    Apparently they give you one week free in their trading rooms to see what this guy Franz does. ~$100K a day supposedly.

    Seems like they are pretty confident on what this guy can do.

    I might go take a look sometime.
  3. i saw them in las vegas at the expo. since then i have taken the free trial. i am very skeptical of gurus but franz is the real deal.
    there are two parts. the traders international school and a guy named franz that is their head trader and runs the trade room. frans does not necessarily use the ti method taught in the school.
    franz makes a lot of money but here is the problem. his style is basically fading the market trying to catch turns. it takes a cast iron stomach to trade like he does. i have seen him have a trade go against him 400k+ and still add more. he has nerves of steel. unless you are able to withstand large drawdowns it is a hard style to master but if you can get it right there is big money to be made.
  4. out of curiousity i visited the franz room. it seemed very convoluted and difficult to follow. it appears he runs several accounts at once and his tactic is to just keep averaging into losers. he also names the setups things like "bullseye" "MIT", etc.

    what you should look at is how his "followers" actually do trading the signals--what he does is of little relevence.

    i saw Franz at the NYC expo--he is a nice enough guy--- he claims to one of the largest e-mini private traders presently in the world. no idea if this is accurate or just hyperbole

  5. Does anyone have experience/knowledge with the TI methods?
  6. Nice first post NOBZ..
  7. if i was able to trade like FRANZ..........(i cannot )...... i would cut the best deal i could with a big hedge fund.............instead of wasting time with wannabees and lookie- loos..............
  8. He's doing pretty well on his own. He claims to have made over $20mil last year. I doubt he could make much more at a hedge fund.

    Anyway, what about the basic TI program? Does anyone have any exposure to it?
  9. a rep. for a futures prop group told me that
    Franz makes money but has big drawdowns
    at times ...

    if that is true ... then any follower of his should ask
    themselves if they have the capital needed to
    survive this ... and also they should ask TI
    what franz biggest drawdowns have been
    and what the typical subscriber makes

    not that TI will tell them ...

  10. do you guys remember that old guy at the TI booth a couple of years ago...his name is roger felton..well, i guess he just started his own company and is selling his stuff....appears to be TI methods...same price too...any comments?

    i'm still struggling with the eminis...thought about going to TI a couple of times during the last 4 months...but didn't want to shell out that kind of money if it's not good...i did pay for the linda raschke $700 seminar at the ny expo and found it extremely disappointing since most of what she said was repeative to the marketvu seminars that she did which are located on her website...yeah. $700 is not much but it is rent money to me...compared to TI it was cheaper.

    when i started my emini quest, i planned it with 30k...i blew up two 10k accounts with in 14months...i have 10k left then i'm calling it quits for a while......i've been told that it takes around 20k to learn the game...
    so would taking some of these course teach me something i'm missing???
    i was planning to also sign up for the linda raschke chat rooms...but i gotta work during the day....O'yeah, i trade from work with my treo.
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