Traders in Vancouver, Canada

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  1. acepowerdrive

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    Wonder how many are located in Vancouver, Canada.

    There aren't that many. Any former Swift Trade traders?

    PM me for info on possible meet up.

    Any Don Bright Traders JC traders or other prop traders etc.

    I think Title trading did had an office.

    I very bored trading at home.
  2. warning to all people

    if you are starting to trade with swift

    you will fail at trading

    how ???

    how could I know that without ever meeting you for even 1 minute

    well after spending years in this business you become like a doctor, and other people who start trading become like patients talking about symptoms

    SWIFT will not teach you to trade
    SWIFT will churn and burn you in 3 months time

    if you are 1 in 200 that makes some money with swift

    you will still BURN down the road, because SWIFT trading is NOT trading at all

    good luck, and oh yeah, I am in Vancouver too
  3. tradeny


    Are you in Canada & if so with which Firm do you trade? I was under the impression that Only Swift & Title were in Canada.
  4. macpatten


    hey man I am a Vancouver, BC trader, live in Kits. If you ever want to meet up and talk stocks business etc... let me know. Always looking to learn from somebody as I am pretty new in the game.


    PS... I can be reached by email:
  5. sawyer


    Hey there,
    Any traders in Vancouver looking to start a trading group or just get together?. I have a few years experience and would love to hear from anyone.

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  7. I am just beginning to trade. I live in Vancouver as well. Would be interested in joining a group if there is one
  8. Sr.dack


    Yo what up guys. I live in kits. would like to meet up and share trading set up and talk about the current trading day. i know a few traders in van and on the island. i would like to get a network going where people know people. turn this city into a trading hub. Its a goal i am working on.

    Even if your not in to big social meets i invite you to email me and have coffee. Fourth Ave has some chill places
  9. ThuNd3r


    I'm 24, from Port Moody. I trade full time mainly cdn stocks but still follow all markets. Wondering if there is anyone near me who wants to chat or meetup.
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