Traders in the UK?

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    Hi everyone, new to this site.

    Originally from London, just moved back to the UK after a good few years in Australia. Took a 6 month course at an institution, paper traded and now I'm in the process of opening a trading account with Charles Schwab.

    So I dont know too many people here and I'm looking for like minded people that I can catch up with, learn off, bounce ideas off etc.

    My phone number is 07919137346, feel free to message me or give me a call I look forward to hearing from you's.

    Cheers, Luke
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    Good luck Luke!
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  3. just21


    Google London traders network drinks, society of technical analysts, market technicians association, serious investors group. That should get you out meeting a few people.
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    thanks mate I'll have a look on that
  5. There are some active and credible meetup groups:

    (most of the other groups on meetup are thinly disguised broker / educator honeytraps)

    Systematic / quant (sorry there's more here, but this is my main area of focus):

  6. Hows it going Luke, I'm just setting up myself and in the UK, if you have skype or in any group chats we might be able to help each other out