traders in the sierras?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by mojo59, Nov 25, 2002.

  1. mojo59


    Are their any traders in the No. Calif Sierras? I live in the Arnold, Ca. area.
  2. BCE


    Used to live in Tahoma on the west shore of Lake Tahoe for 5 years. Too cold in the winter. Ha. :D Spent a lot of time backpacking in the Sierras when I was younger. Looked up Arnold and see you're south of Lake Tahoe. Used to drive down to Sacramento to thaw out and see some vegetation other than evergreen trees during the winter and also drove to Death Valley to sleep in the sand dunes. It always felt so good to be warm. :D
  3. jeffgus


    I spend a lot of time in Tahoe, but have 2 trading offices in San Francisco, I am very interested in opening an office in th Tahoe area where traders can work together and benifit from the office environment. Any Tahoe traders out there?????
  4. I live in Mill Valley, but I wouldn't mind living on the Nevada side of Tahoe and avoiding CA taxes.
  5. Im in South Lake Tahoe since 9/5/2002.
  6. jeffgus


    How is your connectivity up there, T1 Cable, DSL or Sat? What platform are you trading from? What type of trader network is up there? I lived in North Tahoe from 5 years and would like to get an office up in Incline. What type of market would you think is available. I have been in SF for 4 years and have been working towards an office on the lake ever since.

    The life style is better no other place. The 12 inch rule would need to be followed at all times. One day!!!!!!
  7. i plan to relocate to reno-tahoe area, but it will be on nevada side. we spend 2-4 weeks skiing every year and sometimes get a second trip in. im not sure i want to live near the lake, im edgy about living in the snow.

    ive had it with california taxes, immigration and welfare system (personal opinion here - not looking to start a political debate). thinking of locking in the house/property this coming year.
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    I have numerous buddies that sold houses in the Tahoe basin and bought homes in the Reno area. Sparks has some nice golf course communities and still is reasonable to purchase. I have traded from one Office in Reno about 3 years ago, but do feel that the are will develop into a nice area to trade from. Vegas has no interest to me, so Reno is second behind Incline. Mt Rose is only a quick drive up the hill. What a great industry we really where ever you want once you become profitable. An office of 6 - 10 traders would work well in that area.
    Over the next year...I bet we could corral a good group.

    Pray for Powder. Jeff
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    What are you referring too here, never heard of the 12" inch rule...except from a few girls I

    RE> living in Tahoe..........I lived in Tahoe earlier this year,running bet's for a guy who owned two restaurants in Redwood City and Menlo Park, he was a degenerate better who paid me $250.00 a day and all my expenses, (so I basically lived in Harrah's) it was great, this guy couldn't pick his nose. (he lost $120,000 in 4 months, I tried to get him to let me TRADE some of this money...nope he needed action.....actually he was like some traders I've met) The Lake is awesome, I ski so Jeff, if you get the Tahoe office set up, sign me up......

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    More than 12 inches of new snow on the ground and work is off and the Powder Gods call you to a special mid week Service. Go and pay your respects and make up the lost work in the afternoon. Priorities....... and besides the market will be there tomorrow....the pow pow will not. The best one-two combo around. You can even trade the morning til 9 ish and still get the to the hill.
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