Traders in the Hamptons, NY (east, bridge, south, sag, amagansett, etc.)

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by btsldtrader, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. Hi, I trade both from NYC and the Hamptons, Are there any traders in the Hamptons that would be interested in getting together for drinks/dinner every now and then, to just meet and talk shop, etc. ??
  2. I live in Baiting Hollow. Cusp of the NoFo.

    We really need an east enders trading club. There are alot of us out here.
  3. RedDuke


    I libe in Brooklyn. Can meet anywhere in the City. Last few attempts to organize similar get together failed.
  4. Hi RedDuke, looking to do this in the hamptons, your welcome there if your out there if we can get some interest.
    SWSCapital, lets keep in touch and see if we get some more interest, so far it looks kind of limited responses. Thanks.
  5. hbiawos


    Well I'm from the Hamptons and am now living sort of mid-Island. I think a group sounds like a great idea, although I'm not sure I'd be willing (especially in the summer) to haul my ass all the way out there....I don't know. I'll check this thread every now and then to see how you're progressing.

    BTW: what kind of trading to you do? Stocks? Options? Futures? Day? Swing? Long-term?

  6. yack


    I’m Westchester – lets meet in the middle Manhattan around 47th and Madison maybe Maggie’s or ??