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    New to this forum. I have been trading full-time for 20 years in the European markets. But now I am looking at starting trading the stock market in Thailand. Anyone here that is trading the SET? It would be interesting to get more insights about the specifics, from what I have seen so far it seems like there are some potential big hurdles to overcome as a foreign investor.

    I am planning to go to Bangkok in December to if possible take a closer look at the market.
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    there are enough expatriates there to explain the ropes to you.
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    I trade Thailand as one of my markets - tricky market with local/foreign shares and some other quirks. Going there (gone every few years for rock climbing) is fun. More fun than trading their markets.
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    Thanks sle. Yes, the NVDR situation is something I have to look into more closely, there is nothing like it in the European markets. But from what I seen so far, a NVDR share trade the same way (and at exactly the same price) as the local share. Voting rights are not important to me since I only day trade the major companies.

    I would guess that one main issue is the stability (when it comes to IT) of the Exchange and the brokers. Ten years ago it was a nightmare in the European Markets, nowadays it almost never an issue. And since the IT infrastructure of Thailand still is years behind Europe, my guess is that it will cause problems.
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    Thai market is not as mature as many others and has a bunch of interesting opportunities because of that. I'd not worry about the IT infrastructure, if anything, it's good that it is less stable and fast. As an ancient Chinese proverb says “Muddy waters make it easy to catch fish".
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    Eventually my wife will kick my ass out and I'll be there too.
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  7. May I ask which broker do folks here use to trade Thai market?

    Interactive Brokers does not offer Thai stock market. Even exchanging for the Thai Baht currency is a problem.

  8. You say that like its a bad thing.

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    I have the same question. I have opened demo accounts with a number of Thai brokers. KT Zmico and Nomura for example, but the websites and trading platforms seems pretty unstable and therefore nothing one would like to rely on. Especially during some kind of macro event.

    Anyone with local experience of a good broker?
  10. There are some good regional brokers for eg. Phillip Securities, Maybank KimEng, CGS-CIMB that provides good and stable access into the Thai and regional markets.

    As far as I understand, there are no foreign restrictions on trading Thai local shares. The only difference is that you will not be entitled to dividends and there will be no voting rights compared to trading NVDRs.
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