Traders in South Africa?

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  1. I'm looking to connect with full time traders in South Africa. Maybe start a small network & share ideas and thoughts.


  2. Are there many foreign traders in South Africa? I understand its an ideal setup for traders...
  3. What do you mean by "ideal set up" ?
  4. I guess he means you can pull in a trading salary from european markets because of the time zone, sun yourself and find living considerably cheaper than doing the same job and same hours, same money whilst paying to live in London
  5. Well then the answer would be a big Yes! I live in the Cape and you'd be hard pressed to find a better lifestyle. Having lived in London, New York City and San Diego, (all of which are very nice in their own right and have a lot to offer) all in all I find there simply is no comparison.:D
  6. So have I... As well as in Miami and Honolulu, Hawaii among other places...
    Those cities are all nice but have major drawbacks though... What's so great about Cape Town? Other than the Ocean and SA models of course :)
  7. I live in a place called Stellenbosch. Its about 40 mins outside of Cape town and its the heart of SA wine country. I think the beauty of place is really breath taking. The quality of life is beyond anything I've experienced anywhere else I've lived. A comparative lifestyle in Southern California would cost a fortune. And simply can't be had in NYC or London.

    This area has become much more cosmopolitan in the last five years or so. I know Brits, Yanks and Canadians, plus a load of Europeans, who have relocated here in the last few years. One of the Americans was a diplomat who after his service chose to stay and retire here.

    I'm not saying its perfect. There are serious issues to be addressed in South Africa, just like anywhere else, but I believe its worth it overall. This is home now.
  8. I'm visiting Cape Town & Joe'burg between March 29 and April 5. I would love to meet traders, fund managers and industry people while I am visiting. Please PM me if interested so we can exchang numbers and arrange to meet. I hope to get some good responses.

    Also as this is my first visit to Cape Town, any pointers on what to do (not to do) and what to see would be most appreciated. Thanks!
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    How is the crime your area? Rising? Falling? I have never been to SA. But it is a strange place in a way. I talk to one person who loves it and one who hates it and states that if you are going to live there you better have an escape plan? I guess I will have to go there someday to find out for myself. I am guessing it is like a totally differant country based on where you live in SA.

    Now I have to look up European trading hours in SA!
  10. My honest opinion is that crime is on the rise rapidly so and with no sign of decreasing. With the conflicts going on, on the continent, more and more people are headed to South Africa looking for relief. With an unemployment rate as high as it is competition for jobs is huge. People are face with the problem of feeding themselves and thier families and have little choice of what to do. Now you combine this with an already existing culture of crime and violence and its a powder keg.

    So, whilest its a wonderful life style for those fortunate enough to be in a position to enjoy it, its got a time limit and time is running out. How long? Who knows but already there is talk in parliament of banning duel citizenship. Many like myself with soon be faced with the choice of abdicating our foreign citizenship or having to leave the country.

    Do I think an escape plan is warranted?
    Well let me put it this way; I view my time here as an long term working holiday.
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