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  1. joesan


    I am a Shanghainese and am trading HSI/KOSPI/SGXNK,looking forward to trade the first stock index futures contract in mainland China sometime next year.

    I know a couple of traders on ET who are trading from Shanghai.
    Any newcomers to Shanghai or Shanghai traders to ET? What do you trade ?
  2. funbet


    Hi, I am also Shanghainese living in Australia

    I trade Australia Index future SPI, also Nikkei and KOSPI

    With KOSPI, I like to trade the options as they can go up down very fast.

    Wiith Nikkei I like SGXNK

    HSI is little hard to trade as volume is too small, price movement not easy to read compare to Nikkei and KOSPI

    When will the Shanghai Index future begin? Do you think overseas people can trade it ?
  3. joesan


    The authority keeps delaying the launch of stock index futures in China, for fear of not being able to control speculation. The latest version according to the vice chairman of CSRC£¨ Chinese security regulatory commission) , "There is no schedule for the launch of stock index futures", but the industry expected it to be started late 2007 or early 2008.

    Individual overseas investors will not be able to trade it for the time being. Actually , CSRC publicly states that they do not encourage individual investors in CHINA to trade this instrument, bcz "it is too sophisticated to be handled". This market will be institution-oriented at the beginning, though they do not prohibit individual participation.

  4. where do you trade nikkei from?
  5. joesan


    trading SGXNK of singapore exchange from my home in shanghai