Traders in Shanghai (options & futures)

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  1. Hello,

    Traders in Shanghai? Options futures forex commodities everyone welcome.

    Lets communicate and catch up
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    Is this site allowed to pass the Great Firewall of China? We talk about all kinds of stuff here. LOL
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    It probably is if the firewall is a fake version of McAfee.

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  5. 你好吗?
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    ET actually works about fine in China
  7. Well, it always take a few minutes to load this ET website in China, but no problem to load other websites such as CNBC and ZeroHedge. I guess I'm the only one reading ZeroHedge here in China, which is why it's not blocked. Likewise, I can't access to google and other news website like Bloomberg, CNN, including porn websites which really stress me out.... j/k
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    Well if you come from the West you would be a sad boy in China without VPN. And with VPN it is often hardly better, often fucking up all connections including ones to authorized websites. Possibly the less western friendly country I visited, Myanmar (Yangon) in the early 2000s was complicated (no mobile phone connections with one's overseas phone plus only internet was very limited and only available in hotels business centers, when not blocked completely) , but at least it was more fun and english was more widely spoken.
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  9. Welcome to ET. Are you a profitable trader, a newbie or a trader struggling to become a profitable one? If you are a profitable trader like me, we can find ways to keep in touch, but be aware of that my mandarin and cantonese are suck.

    I've been a full-time scalper and sometimes a swing trader for more than a decade and I trade only ES + SPY options.

    I were in Shanghai for about 2 weeks during August while my pets got isolated in pudong airport. Now, my gf and I rent an apartment and live temporary in Chongqing, close to her mom, while taking short trips to other parts of China and other asia countries.
  10. Thanks for your recommendation. I already put some thoughts into it, but I afraid of getting caught and other troubles that might follow. Besides, I have to get out of China every 60-day, I travel to other asia countries like Hongkong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore which I have no trouble to access to any website I want to see.
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