Traders in Russia

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  1. skuznecz


    I am a professional trader, living in Russia. Looking for others who do the same.

    I trade Equities and Derivatives.

    Sergei Kuzneczov
  2. There are lots of russian traders on ET forum.
    Where do you live? I'm in "piter" :) Most russian traders on ET is from Moscow, I guess 90% or even more.

  3. gkishot


    I am just wondering what broker firms you guys are using to trade in Russia?
  4. Privet vsem!

    Ya iz Moscow, torguyu v osnovnom options.
  5. skuznecz


    Live in Moscow.

    However have to fly to New York every 4 weeks.

    This is great news that there are lots of us here!
  6. skuznecz


    Mi torguem cherez Hedge Fund -tak chto oni sami vibirayut kogo polzovat'

    Obichno dostup srazu k mnogim brokeram.

    Davno, let 6 nazad, polzovalis IB, no oni nashli gorazdo luchshe platformi.
  7. Sergey!

    Do you trade in investment company or for yourself?
  8. skuznecz


    I guess you can call it an investment co. Its a Hedge Fund.

    you ?
  9. Sergey,
    I was surprised to the post and active trading going in Russia.

    Do you trade RTS listed stocks or US stocks?
  10. skuznecz


    for now US listed.

    Soon we will get into Russian markets, but for now US based.

    The hedge-fund is US based.
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