Traders in PENNSYLVANIA - Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton

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  1. Lumina


    Any traders in the Lehigh Valley (Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton) area interested in trading ideas, learnings, etc?
  2. sorry, but I'm from Philadelphia area....
    western burbs.

  3. bryn mawr, wizard. where are you from ??

    surfer :)
  4. Media

  5. cool, right down the street--almost. i trade from my house, do you trade from an office or at home?

  6. an office for the most part, but the trading platform allows for trading at home easily with a 2 or 3 screen cpu and broadband connection.
    I'm with a Prop shop now....but I may have to go back to a retail account until I get my series 7 and 55 completed.
    I've position traded commodities, e-minis, options, and stocks....
    but daytrading Nasdaq stocks is a whole new ball game.
    It takes quite a while to get it right.
    I'm not there yet.
  7. best wishes to you !

    surfer :)
  8. Formerly, Haycock Twp, South of Q'town. 1759 farmhouse, etc

    Just off Bethlehem RD N. of Inn of Sorrel Horse.

    I can remember flying to DC out of ABE for 20 bucks. The good old days.
  9. Lumina


    Looks like a few folks in the ABE area....Easton, Northamnpton, and Phillipsburg.

    I was looking to see if folks trade mostly out of home or if there was a trading room anywhere within reasonable driving distance.
  10. Here is Malvern, trade from an office. Home is too creepy!:cool:
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