traders in montreal, toronto, etc...

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by jaketrader, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. Looking for canadian traders
  2. North Yorker!!
  3. ozzy


    TO baby!

    But I'm off to BC for good next week.
  4. Hate you??
  5. ozzy


    I would hate me too If I lived in North York. :)

    Just Kidding. The reason I chose trading is so I can live where ever I want to. After living in Toronto for a long long time its time for a change. The Mountains are a calling.

  6. And what about TO's mountains?? have you seen them bouncing under a tight shirt around Dundas square??:D :D
  7. ozzy


    I'll miss those mountains. But I hear they have bigger and better mountains where I'm going and I hear you don't have to drive a lexus to climb them.



  8. I am sooooooooo there!!

    Wait till I dump my wife, quit my job and put my kids in a foster home.
  9. ozzy


    Hahaha, Good Idea. Who needs a family when there are unventured moutains to be had.

  10. cosine


    Montreal here.
    #10     Aug 18, 2005