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  1. Hallo.

    Are there any traders in Melbourne.
    I'm going to work in Melbourne for 2 months.

    I personal do trading a lot. Daytrading eminis and Forex, EOD trading stocks and futures.

    So I want to find a few traders to exchange some ideas or just talk about the markets.

    Any traders there or do somebody know a local community?
  2. m22au


    Melbourne in which country? which state?

  3. Melbourne in Australia. :D
  4. m22au


    That's where I live.

    Where are you travelling from?

    What work will you be doing for two months?

  5. realy you do?

    I live in Austria and going to do some assistance for a friend of mine no big deal so I will have enough time to do my trading.

    Is there a trader community in "down under"?

    If not, maybe we can start a small one ;)

    Here in Austria we do meet us once a week in a restaurant to have a good meal and some smalltalk about the markets.
  6. dbell66


    where are you in Austria?

    I'm in Vienna
  7. No I am in the southern Austria called Klagenfurt you know with the stadium chaos and BZÖ stuff :D :D
  8. lmao why don't you guys trade the dax or ftse. isn't there money to be made in those markets. do you pay full income tax on your gains in the us market
  9. How about getting up every day at 11 am, trading from 3pm till 10pm :D , afterwards going for a beer (or more), you can make it anytime you want because the market starts again in the afternoon the day after :p
  10. what about income taxes. i know england has a huge tax per trade.
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