Traders in latin america

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  1. Hi, I trade for a prop firm from Costa Rica, and Im wondering how many other traders connect from nearby countries.
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    there is a prop firm here in costa rica???? i would love to see it. I am in Santa ana i work for the bolsa nacional.

    shoot me a PM...well grab an imperial.

    Pura Vida,

  3. Are there prop firms in Panama? If so, is anything working right now? Seems like there should be a greater variety of instruments to trade than in the U.S.

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    wilbur, there is a huge variety of instruments to trade...but you probably dont want to trade them. main reason is liquidity. If you find some liquid emerging market securities...more than likely they are government bonds...probably no good futures attached to them to make them tradeable.

    what did you have in mind?
  5. Panama Bolsa de Valores is pretty illiquid. Checking their website some last quotes from the last sale are a few days old lol. Only good for buying fixed income products and holding because you will not be flipping anything except Carimonolas and Ceviche into your mouth..

  6. Hi. Yes, there's is a prop firm here. We operate on swifttrade's platform and with their capital.
    We have real time access to the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, CME and FTSE[london]. To trade stocks and futures.
    The firm provides training to anyone who fit's their psy-profile [no licenses or previous experience is requiered]. We've been in bussiness for the last 8 months. Right now there are 4 profitable traders at the firm [including myself] and we are trading mostly to profit from liquidity rebates at the NASDAQ. There are currently 8 students learning how to do both rebates and momentum trading. The firm has an interest in opening more offices here in CR as well as opening offices in other central american countries in the future.