Traders in Las Vegas / Southern Utah

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by inves200, Jun 11, 2005.

  1. inves200

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    Anyone interested in finding other traders near Las Vegas / Southern Utah?

    If your family can't understand you, your friends think you are crazy, and you have no one to relate with your trading, you might not be the only one. The goal is to respectfully share information, possibly chat, and maybe get together for quarterly trading competition (without any commercialization).
  2. sbird


    Hi, I use to trade in St. George, is that where you are from? I get back there often, still have family there.

  3. inves200

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    Yah, I in St. George now. My family was from Cedar City. Are you a snow bird? As in away for the summer?

  4. sbird


    Sold my house in Diamond Valley in November, so now I am a Arizona resident. I grew up in George and still call it home, all my friends and family are there. Trading requires me to live in phoenix. Do you trade for a living?
  5. inves200

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    I am actively trading durring market hours. Its going pretty well.

    Its kinda hard toget reallygood internet in some places so I can see why moving to a bigger town makes sense.

    We have cable and wireless back up here. If ya ever come back this way, it would be great to make your aquaintance. We can always go to a late lunch after the markets close.

    Chinese food anyone?

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  7. inves200

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    There is a group there which I will try to attend. Unfortunately, one must go there before one can even browse thier previous posts. Its still worth the effort I think.

    Maybe this thread will be for Southern Utah investors if there is already a viable group in Las Legas.