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  1. I know a few people have posted on here saying they were based in Japan.
    My Japanese is terrible but I have been put on to Rakuten (ReTian in Chinese) with direct access, streaming quotes and cheap commission. Anyone using these guys or can recommend anyone other than IB? (Can read characters so it works) Thoughts on the Nikkei? I like Daiwa and JFE? Long some Asahi at lower prices but wish I owed Kirin; Any way to get around the block requirments???

    Looking for feed back.

  2. CFDs?
  3. From my experience Japan is not a good place for a trader or short term investor:-
    1/ Most expats are employed as English Teachers (to be an 'English Teacher' you don't need to have any teaching qualifications, you just have to look like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise etc) so discussing issues pertaining to trading with fellow Australians or Americans or English people is more or less out of the question.

    2/ If one developes a friendship with Japanese traders they tend not to share their knowledge with us 'Westerners'. (They don't even sit next to us on trains, what makes you think they will take us aside and explain why X is a good investment at the moment?).

    3/ If you do find an expat who works for a Japanese bank as a 'trader' (extremely low probability of this happening largely because it is technically illegal) there is a good chance they are just 'corporate window dressing' and know nothing about trading, stocks, options currencies etc

    I am glad I don't work in Japan anymore.:)

  4. I knew Japanese were a little bit :different" but what you are stating is a little bit more than that. Care to elaborate????
  5. Where do I start?

    You really have to experience the ever so gentle and refined way they let you know you just are NOT welcome in Japan.

    In my opinion they are a tad xenophobic and racist. In hundreds of restaurents in Tokyo there are signs saying 'Foriegners will not be served'

    Try finding an apartment to rent ANYWHERE in the country. See if you get the feeling you are on the same level as a dog.

    It would be good if they didn't put a 500% tariff on imported rice.

    Perhaps Google Search:-

    Japan discrimination against foriegners
  6. If we treated Japanese in the USA/Australia/England the way they treat us over there, our civil courts would be bogged down for decades with anti-discrimination, sexual harassment (in the case of females) unfair dismissal cases etc.

    The Japanese do not recognise international greements i.e Rights of the Child, Hague Convention etc During the Second World War they were the only country to not recognise the Geneva Convention and basically tortured and starved captured prisoners to death.

    They used to experiment on live humans in China (Unit 731).

    I earnt a lot of money working for Nomura but I worked twice as hard as the average Japanese usually.

    I just traded EWJ, DCM and NMR. Unless it has an ADR I wouldn't touch anything on the Nikkei with a barge pole. Made a bit of money.
    From my experience the favourite trading stock is Softbank. pretty volatile.
    The head of the company Masayoshi Son is hated in Japan because he is:-
    1/ Succesful
    2/ Descended from Korean immigrants.
    3/ Friend of Bill Gates
  7. Kill the Japs!!!

    Yee haaaa!!!
  8. I taught English (Aussie slang) in Japan in my youth before I gave any thought to business let alone trading.

    Had a ball there, the women are precious, the clubs and bars a blast and there is an entire district called soapland that is dedicated to carnal pleasures and love hotels on every corner... very enlightened society
  9. >millahills

    I hope I can be of more help to you than some of the
    children who have wasted your time here.

    Your profile shows that you live in xiamen. In that case
    you would not be able to open an account with a Japanese
    broker here as you are required to have an address in
    Why are you against using IB? I use them for trading
    JGB futures and have had no problems with them. They also
    offer trading in Nikkei futures, options and stocks.
    If by 'block requirments' you mean the minimum of 1000 or
    100 share lots for trading, no, there is no way to alter these.
    However, if you look through all the listed stocks, you will
    find many that trade around 1000 yen that can be bought
    in 100 share lots. After all that's only 800 dollars. And there
    are many 100000 to 300000 yen stocks for which you can
    buy just 1 share.

    Hope this helps,
  10. You may have noticed that more often than not 'Westerners' are not let in to 'soaplands' and 'love hotels'.
    There is more to life than ecstacy induced 'good times' and carnal pleasures.
    They took your money, is that the only way you can get laid?
    They are enlightened enough to make money from dills like you!
    I had a great time in Japan too, I married my wife and had four children there.
    No other time I have ever had matches the wonderous experiences I had in Japan. I am only pointing out the inadequacies of their culture.
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