Traders In Hong Kong?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by tradegen, May 20, 2005.

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    I'm looking to meet equity daytraders in Hong Kong and see how they are adapting to the time difference, etc.
    Pls PM me or make posts about how you like trading there.
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    wow... there isn't a single trader on this forum that trades in Hong Kong?
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    Carl K

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    i wanted to get some equity daytraders, not relaly options.
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    sorry i mean i want to get to know some daytraders... :p
  6. I live in HK and trade ER2.

    Trading US stocks/futures isn't a big problem since I normally trade the first few hours.

    And when I hv a position open when I go to bed, I will set alert to wake me up.

    Another advantage is that I can also trade the after market hours when everyone in US is sleeping. Sometimes the market moves like 0.5% before the market open and I can capture this if I trade during the afternoon. Liquidity is not a big issue since I trade small size anyway.

    Actually, I don't even trade Hang Seng Index Future since it gaps a lot. Besides, it is not a 24-hours market like the US Futures.
  7. Just moved to HK 2 weeks ago. I trade the ES every day. Excellent hours with the US market opening at 9.30pm, especially if you want to earn some cash during the day.

    Would be good to also meet other traders in HK.
  8. You guys are like the most of the guys over here in Aussie ... trading the US markets in the evening. You really should try the hang seng ... but get your disciplined hat on before it opens.

    I was over for Xmas, neat place and a great spot to spend Xmas as well.
  9. Have any time left for oneself, what about some
    life enjoyment?
  10. BTW, I hv read some posts here before saying that the US Futs gap a lot after mid-night. They discussed the reasons behind (eg, manipulation, influenced by DAX, etc). I hv little idea the reasons behind but I only know that if you play very simply MA crossover. The market is very easy to capture. The gain isn't much (about 2 pt for ER2) but it is simply easy money. The trend develops slowly so entry and exit are so easy. Perfect if you are just a small fish like me... I simply open my eSignal in my cubicle and wait for the alert signal. Making 2 pts ($200) per day in a risk-free manner seems ok to me. And it can help my trading psychology a great deal if I hv made some $$ even before the market starts at 9:30...
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