Traders in Hong Kong?

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    I’m interested in meeting and talking with investors here in HK who have an interest in developing and trading quantitative and systematic investment strategies.

    Just to be clear I’m not looking to start an investment club, meetup group or raise new money … nothing formal at all … just a chance to meet over coffee or a few beers and discuss ideas with like-minded individuals.

    By way of background I’ve been involved with trading exchange-listed derivatives for the last 20 years or so. I used to run an asset management firm in Hong Kong but have been away for 4-5 years (Thailand, Indonesia etc) and have only recently moved back but still actively involved in system development and trading. It’s a passion of mine and I always enjoy meeting with people who have a similar mind-set … most likely trading their own money but maybe also working within the hedge fund community here in HK.

    Doesn’t bother me whether you trade stocks, futures, options or currencies, so long as your approach is quantitative and rules-based as opposed to discretionary investing. Simply looking to discuss and share ideas with people who have a similar interest and enjoy meeting face-to-face rather than via investing forums on the web.

    Feel free to pm if you’d prefer.
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    Here I am
    Happy to see your post