Traders in Gent (or around), Belgium

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I am originally from Belgium but lived in Sydney and London for the past 6 years. In those cities, I often went to trading meetups, which was a good way to meet fellow traders and just talk with some like-minded people while having a drink.

    I moved back to Gent for a while. I know there's a trader meetup in Brussels (, but I was wondering if there are actually traders around Gent as well.

    If so, feel free to hit me up and if there's enough interest, I wouldn't mind setting up a trader meetup here as well.

    Good luck trading!
  2. birzos


    Now did always enjoy Belga Queen and the burgers at Patrick Foley's with a Kilkenny when I was there, have to head over that side in the near future so if you get something moving. Otherwise try Internations, usually a good source for that type of thing.
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  3. Tim Smith

    Tim Smith

    You lived in Sydney and London and ended up in Belgium ? Poor chap, no wonder you're looking for people to drown your sorrows with !
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  4. Overnight


    Where is "here?
  5. As I'm currently in Gent, that's where I would prefer the meetup.
  6. Haha, you're absolutely right ;-) I did grow up and went to uni in Gent, so it's still a city near to my heart :)