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  1. Leigel


    Are there any traders in Geneva who would like to organize a meeting?
  2. ZBZB


    Try the MTA or a local technical analysis society.
  3. Sekiyo


    From France but I’ve always wished to visit Geneva.
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  4. Leigel


    What is the MTA? I did find the SAMT - Swiss Associationn of Market Technicians, thanks.

    You may PM me if you like.
  5. What is the taxation for active stock traders located in Geneva?
  6. ZBZB


    try I found a very good value investing group in London through Meetup.
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  7. Leigel


    I cannot speak from experience, as 2019 has been my first year of trading, but here is what Moneyland says about the subject:

    If the above criteria do not apply to you, I am guessing you could have a rough idea of what taxation would be like by using this tax rate schedule:
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