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  1. Any traders from China here ? I am based in Shanghai, and would like to get in touch with other traders here in China.
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    Do you mind sharing some information with us? I am planning to move to Shanghai in the near futures. I did some ping and traceroute tests and the results were not very promising. The ping time seems to be 1 - 4 seconds. That could really hurt. Have you experienced any execution problems? Which data feed do you use? Are you a day tader or swing trader?

  3. Can you say Nee hawu shing hoey liu woooooi
  4. Hi Kevin,

    I have broadband access through China Netcom. The speed is acceptable most of the time. The weak point here are the servers, not so much the line quality. The problem is that the number of Chinese internet users is growing so very fast.
    Luckily it does not interfere too much with my trading. I am mainly long term trading, spreads and options.
    Daytrading could be a problem at times. I used to trade the Hang Seng index a couple of years ago, and at that time I lost the connection sometimes (still dial-up then). At that time I used QuotePower as real time data feed.
    Now I work with RAN and MCD, which is fine for my purposes.
    If you don't mind me asking, are you moving to Shanghai for work ? If you need some assistance, you can email me.

    Best regards,
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    Wow, you must be awake all night if you are trading the US markets from China. May I ask what your backup plan is if the internet connection goes down and you have to get out of a position? Do you call international long distance or is there a local desk in Singapore/Hong Kong that can help exit your position?

  6. Hi KK,

    It's not that bad actually. I mainly trade on EOD data anyway with my longer term trading (spreads mainly), so I am not watching the market the whole session. The good thing is that when most of the markets open in the US, I am already home from my day job and had my dinner. I enter my orders, can watch the fills and that's it.
    If I have to get out of a position I call my broker. I have full service (almost a must with spreads). One of my brokers is in the US, the other in Sydney.

    Best regards,
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    Thanks for the information and kind offer. I am planning to go here to join some relatives for some business opportunities. But it probably won't happen in the next year or two.

    Happy Trading,