Traders in Charlottesville

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by freewilly, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. Hope can find some traders in Charlottesville
  2. Would like to get together to discuss trading.
  3. rock1968


    I have friends who are traders there. Keep me posted..
  4. swimmus


    Always interested in trading, but been away for a few months. I would be interested .
  5. I have been trading in New York City for the past 4 years with 2 different firms. Mostly short term scalping but have started to swing trade as well. Looking to move to Charlottesville in the next 3-12 months and would be very interested to get in touch with any traders or trading groups down there.
  6. Who would like together next week and talk trading --Maybe @ BW3's or the downtown mall area
  7. Glad to find some traders in cville.

    What do you guys trade?

    I have a regular 9-5 job, but I am open for anything. Intraday, swing, equities, futures, and options.

    I have been interested in trading for few years, lost some money, but now I think I know much better about trading. My paper trading has been fantastic so far in the past few months.

    Love to get together. Maybe we can help each other.


    P.S. I don't come to ET very often. Email me if you guys are interested to meet.