Traders...immune to recession?

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  1. A trader can make money in any market... givin that "fact"... we dont have employees, inventory, offices (most dont)...we trade from home and pull in money on a daily basis....are traders really feeling the pain that other people are?

    I would think "no".
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    fact is 80% of traders don't make money even on bull markets.

    in recession. there is a lot less money on the table to steal.

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    At the current time I am BEARISH as hell on the U.S. markets, but!!! I follow the money and the charts show it.

    If one can deviate from thought and process it doesn't matter and they should be very prosperous.

    What I think and what the market does are two different things. Bag your thoughts and follow the price action and you will see the light!
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    my main fear is lack of volatility.
  5. i love the recession!! :D :cool: :p

    I dont pay tax cos trade through an sb firm from uk, so when government raise tax to cover all the money they printed il be laughing even harder at everyone else! lol

    and the amount of volatility caused back from august to december in crude oil (what i trade), but aslo in the indicies and fx papirs made it so easy to make money as it was simply just a cae of 'only selling'.

    What we really need now is a 2nd credit crunch or a full scale depression though. :D
  6. one would think a trending market is easier to make money in?... i guess it bepends on the market and the traders style. The markets wont ever just least mine wont (forex :) ), i can atleast take comfort in that.
  7. Ask those traders that had their accounts at Lehman Prime Brokerage London. They lost their entire accounts. Billions went up in smoke.

    The biggest risk in "this" recession is not price action but your brokers/banks going belly up overnight leaving you empty handed.
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    That is what a real bear market is typically composed of. We will be heading, IMHO, for a long and drawn out period of very low volatility in order to bring us back to the mean after the very high volatility we have seen over the last decade.
  9. Deflation hurts traders more then recession.
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    I fear lack of volatility too.

    And many stocks which I used to trade I can no longer because they turned into garbage penny (sub $5) with 10 cent ranges with huge bid/ask sizes. A lot less 50+ dollar stocks these days and a lot more F/SIRI/S/AMD type of stocks. So instead of monitoring 1000+ plus tradeable stocks, I'm down to 500ish for my intraday stuff.
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