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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Hitman, Aug 21, 2001.

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    I am wondering what are some of the "best bang for the buck" packages out there, since professional traders have to pay for their own benefits. Mine from my previous job expired a while ago and I kind of hang around without medical insurance for a while.

    I am 21, in good physical condition, I don't need quadruple coverage, just something for dire situations . . .
  2. Hitman,

    I used to use Blue Cross/Blue Shield and was very happy with it. It is a good plan for self-employed traders. Now I trade with Echo and have the Aetna coverage they offer. I like the fact that the premium is paid out of my account every month and I don't have to write a check myself 'cause I am sort of lazy that way. More and more trading firms are offering it these days, ask the one you are with if they can get a group policy started if they don't have one already.

  3. If your an engineer consider joining IEEE. They have great insurances (Helth, life, etc.). Their group healthinsurance is fairly competitive when compared to purchasing insurance as an individual.

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  5. Bright Trading offers health insurance for its traders.
  6. I have been self employed for fifteen years - not only as
    a trader but as IT Contract programmer. In WA you can get (group) insurance via Costco (good price, because they handle you as a group). For some strange and ill-concieved reason this is not available in CA (land of lefties and american blend of socialism). When I lived in NY I only had catastrophic insurance - not a HMO type contract.
  7. Well I'm with Blue Cross they give great rates to individuals. Pick up your phone book and call a health insurance agent. Have him run a search of all the major firms prices for you.

    I also consider part of my health insurance (that I also pay out of my pocket) My gym membership. I am in "Frogs" daily for an hour running, hitting the punching bag, (watching the women) , lifting weights and such.

    I also have a very strict diet of 6 to 8 meals a day with high amounts of protein. Lots of fruits, vegetables, and very few carbs. This diet has made an incredible difference in my entire life. I'm more energetic, alert, and most of my body fat just melted off.

    I will be checking out Echo's group plan though when my expires.

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    For some reason Echo's health insurance is about 40% more than Bright's insurance. I have not compared the 2 plans side by side but they both have major PPO plans. If you consider that Echo's monthly rent is cheaper than Bright's and then add in the health insurance it's probably a wash.

    One word of warning if you are shopping for health insurance... stay away from the NASE (National Association for the Self-Employeed) Insurance... I had it for a month and it's a total con. I did get the one month reimbursed by the company. Just research it on the web and in some states they go by another name.