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  1. Ok Obama hasn't bailed us out yet, most of are traders that are independent I assume. I am single normal shape looking to get health insurance, cheapest thing I found is Atlantis for Ehalthinsurance for around 350 a month, any ideas for my local independent buddies ? Curious what you guys are paying monthly and for what company...
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    Epiphany Trading has a health care plan for traders, through Met Life > Emblem Health. We are extending it to the entire trading community.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
  3. gym pass at equinox $65 a month
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    Depends on age, what state you're in, etc.

    Start with

    I've had BC/BS in recent years until they jacked rates too high. Coventry was 1/3 cheaper than BC/BS if you're in a state they're registered.
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    There are tons of sites out there that will compare affordable health insurance companies for you. It's nice to let them do the leg work.

    Good Luck
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    anyways i used to have golden rule insurance that was run through united which was a pretty good deal but now go through my wifes insurance.
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